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Congratulations to Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Tyrekes

Congratulations to Tyreke Evans on the Rookie of the Year honors.  Very cool for Sac.  Jay from Dumbworld has the trademark on the Sacramento Tyrekes (feel free to use that one).


Will It Blend?

They also try the iPhone. Also, will the iPad blend?  The answer might surprise you.

Dumbworld Asks, What is the Best Burger in Sac?

Lindol French, from Sacramento Press  is new in town and an “auteur” (Ok- I had to look it up too-  it’s a classy way of saying a film director, or an author, but I’m not sure which one he is), and he decided to rate Sacramento cheeseburgers.  The Squeeze Inn rated surprisingly low- 7th out of 7, and I had heard so many good things about it.

My vote is for Willie’s– hands down (and for some reason it has to be the one on Broadway, although I used to live next to the one in Carmichael), but what is a good place to get a burger in Sac?  Damn, I’m hungry.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Showing at MOBS on Easter- Oy Vey!

Vampires are in and all, but Dumbworld is probably going to burn for this one.  Cult film, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is showing at MOBS in Sacramento on Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2010. 7:30 PM, Admission: $5.00, The Guild, 2828 35th St, Sacramento, CA 95817.

from MOBS

Combining kung-fu action with biblical prophecy and a liberal dose of humor, the film teams the Savior with Mexican wrestling hero El Santos against mythological horrors and science gone mad, and also manages to address contemporary sexual politics. Oh – and it’s a musical.

Who Stole the Soul? James Brown’s Body Missing?

What happened to the Godfather of Soul’s body. Dumbworld won’t sleep until there are answers. OK- we will sleep, but we won’t like it.  OK- we will like it, but we will be wearing our special pajamas for safety.

Dumbworld’s Pick for the 2010 Academy Award for Best Picture. . .

and that is only after seeing half of it.  Drum-roll please. . .

There are so many people in this movie.  Dude from Reno 911-  Yeah he is in it.

Granted I haven’t seen a lot of the other choices for the Oscars this year. Why so many? Last year I said, I was going to have an Oscar party.  It didn’t happen.  I am OK with that.

Definitely when I get my ballot in the mail this year, I’m writing in Black Dynamite– fool is a bad ass with the nunchucks–  if you know what is good for you- you will too.

Cocaine and the Space Shuttle. . . Good Times?

NASA is investigating how a bag of cocaine got into the hangar that houses the space shuttle