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Cinco de Mayo Outdoor Fiesta

Looking for a 2010 Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Sacramento?

They are doing their yearly Cinco de Mayo celebration/festival on the 2700 block of J street again this year (includes Centro Cocina Mexicana and Harlowes).  If you haven’t been before, it is a huge party (go early to get in, or stand in line for awhile).  Starts at 4pm on May 5 till they shut it down.  There will be live music, a mariachi band and outdoor bars. Continue reading


Dumbworld Asks, What is the Best Burger in Sac?

Lindol French, from Sacramento Press  is new in town and an “auteur” (Ok- I had to look it up too-  it’s a classy way of saying a film director, or an author, but I’m not sure which one he is), and he decided to rate Sacramento cheeseburgers.  The Squeeze Inn rated surprisingly low- 7th out of 7, and I had heard so many good things about it.

My vote is for Willie’s– hands down (and for some reason it has to be the one on Broadway, although I used to live next to the one in Carmichael), but what is a good place to get a burger in Sac?  Damn, I’m hungry.

Meat Scented Body Spray?!?!

What the heezGreat Marketing or Dumb Idea?  I vote for great marketing. 

If you’re salivating for a chance to marinate yourself in flame-broiled flavor, relax: The experience can be yours for just $3.99 (off the firemeetsdesire.com website– check it and spray the flame to see the king on a bearskin rug).

Just writing this post will probably get me into a Burger King in the next couple of weeks.  I’m such a mark.  I wonder if you can pick it up anywhere in Sacramento.

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How to Carve a Turkey. . .

. . . and learn about the most flavorful part of the bird (the oyster). . . who knew– with Executive Chef Shawn Menard from the restaurant Chops- video here

Sacramento News and Review: Best of Sacramento 2008

SNR’s annual “Best of Sacramento” edition is out in print today.  I can’t see Andy Nguyen’s as Readers’ Choice Winner for best vegetarian restaurant without thinking that I liked it better when it used to cater to meat eaters like me (am I alone?)– what I would do right now for a rice noodle salad bowl with satay chicken.  Congratulations to Andy Nguyen’s just the same.

Of course the first category I looked at was the readers’ choice award for best Filmmaker.  Here were the results:

  1. Jourdan McClure
  2. Ryan Todd
  3. Mike Carroll and Sarah Kreutz (tie)

Ryan and Mike are both fantastic filmmakers, but I wasn’t as familiar with Jourdan or Sarah (although I knew Jourdan won an award for the Sac Music Seen portion of the Sac Film and Music Festival this year). 

Thank you Internet.

An interview with Jourdan for Fringe magazine and one with Sarah at Indie Fest USA where she was publicizing her movie Elsa Letterseed.  Congrats to all the winners.

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Tapa the World’s Sangria Recipe

Described as “fruit punch” for adults, Sangria is a great refreshing drink.  Tapa the World in midtown Sacramento has some of my favorite– see their recipe here.

I have a super-secret recipe for my own– Ghetto Sangria.  Maybe one of these days I will post my own, but until then, enjoy.

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