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Dumbworld Reheated

For the further adventures of a small part of what made Dumbworld so special (special in a good way), go to drewhall.com.Image


MovieMaker Magazine Lifetime Subscription for $49

Here at Dumbworld, some would say we are lowdown cheapskates.  We prefer frugal- so this deal sounds like the new black to us.  Moviemaker magazine lifetime subscription for $49.

Dumbworld’s Pick for the 2010 Academy Award for Best Picture. . .

and that is only after seeing half of it.  Drum-roll please. . .

There are so many people in this movie.  Dude from Reno 911-  Yeah he is in it.

Granted I haven’t seen a lot of the other choices for the Oscars this year. Why so many? Last year I said, I was going to have an Oscar party.  It didn’t happen.  I am OK with that.

Definitely when I get my ballot in the mail this year, I’m writing in Black Dynamite– fool is a bad ass with the nunchucks–  if you know what is good for you- you will too.

A New Dumbworld Peace (15 sec spot for Capitol Proformance)

A commercial we did for Capitol Proformance (a sports training company) in Sacramento.  It features professional baseball players Derrek Lee and Nick Johnson (among others).

I definitely need to work on improving the quality of my uploads for the web.  It looks great on the HD closed circuit TV’s for Metro Hub Network– where it shows on a loop in bars, restaurants, taxis, etc.– but not so hot on Youtube (I’ve heard that videos don’t look as good on Youtube anyways).  I have seen some “recipes” to make your Youtube videos look better– but I still am not happy with them.  Let me know if you have a recipe for Compressor that you are happy with.