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MovieMaker Magazine Lifetime Subscription for $49

Here at Dumbworld, some would say we are lowdown cheapskates.  We prefer frugal- so this deal sounds like the new black to us.  Moviemaker magazine lifetime subscription for $49.


Article on Red from Wired

From August.  In the comments, some people point out some of the errors in the article, but nonetheless a good article.  The article talks about the development of the Red One, about Peter Jackson shooting Crossing the Line and Steven Soderbergh shooting his Che Guevara biopics with Red One prototypes, and shows some footage shot on the camera.  For fun, see if you can find the errors without peeking.  And I know, I know, if you don’t have a good story- it doesn’t matter what camera you are shooting on.

11/14/08 Update: Red reveals specs!

A great screenwriting resource (and it is free)

Creative Screenwriting Magazine podcast— Q&As with industry writers and directors

The Muddkids Trailer Playing at Sacramento Film and Music Festival as Part of the CFAA Creative Inspirations Film Contest

 The Capital Film Arts Alliance, as part of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, put on a competition to create a movie trailer.  The entries are showing Wed, August 13 at 6:30 pm at the film festival. Go to www.sacfilm.com for more info.

Our trailer is for a film called The Muddkids about two kids that go into the forest.  One kid dies and the other must deal with the Muddkids, avengers of evil deeds.

The music for the trailer was done by composer Richard Altenbach.  Richard is an A-List Violinist who has worked on numerous Hollywood Films with composers such as John Williams, Danny Elfman and Howard Shore.  His film credits include Indiana Jones IV, Jurassic Park I, II and III, Spider Man I, II, and III, Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, and III, Matrix I, II, and III, Titanic, King Kong, and Beowulf.  Richard also has worked with pop singer Natasha Bedingfield.  Please go to http://www.bachiosaurus.com/ for more information on Richard Altenbach.

Hollywood Talent Agencies Moving Away from Ownership Model: video

from Vator.tv, a tech company social network

  • ‘The agencies, such as United Talent Agency and William Morris, are becoming more like venture capitalists as they move toward an ownership model and further away from the representation model, said Chris Pappas, head of digital media practice for United Talent Agency. “We find the right artist (and) we create a company around his/her intellectual property,” he said. As for the artist, “they’ll have a substantial ownership position,” he added. “The idea is that they’ll be the owner of that content and not just workers for hire.”‘

video here