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Dumbworld Reheated

For the further adventures of a small part of what made Dumbworld so special (special in a good way), go to drewhall.com.Image

I Heart Plug-Ins for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects

Dumbworld is always looking for plug-ins to make our videos pop a little more.  Genius DV clues us in on Particle Matrix plug-ins.  Yay plug-ins!!!

Adobe Creative Suite Users, Free Issue of Layers Magazine

At least for now, Layers Magazine  , the how-to magazine for everything Adobe, is giving away a free issue.

How to Do the Effect from Indiana Jones with the Plane Flying Over the Map Using Photoshop and After Effects from Videomaker.com

You know that scene in the Indiana Jones movies (Indy made Dumbworld want to be an archaelogist when we were little) where the airplane flies over the map and a line forms showing the path of the flight (I think they use this effect in Little Miss Sunshine as well).  Well, Videomaker.com shows you how to create this effect in their How to Use Adobe After Effects & Photoshop to Create the Line-Map Animation Effect tutorial.

Also, if you try it out, let me know and I will post a link to your efforts.


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