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Sacramento Filmmaker’s Horror Movie to Get National Theatrical Release

We slept on this because that is what we do best, but for an independent filmmaker out of Sacramento to get theatrical distribution is a pretty impressive accomplishment.  Congratulations Deon! I can’t think of any others off the top of my head.  If you know of any, let me know.

Sacramento filmmaker Deon Taylor is on the verge of a huge breakthrough: a national theatrical release for his horror film, “Chain Letter,” that was filmed here.

read the rest from the Sacramento Bee


Scoring a Film

For some reason this really interested me.  Matt Mariano, performing and recording the score to Made In China.

Update: Just saw some additional scenes from Made in China, and producer James Choi spoke on the film.  Was shot on the HVX200, won the grand prize award at SXSW, was shot for “a little more than $10,000” and got a distribution deal.  Just shows what you can do with a good story.

10 Tips for Networking for Filmmakers in the Sacramento Region

From the Capital Film Arts Alliance’s Newsletter, 10 Tips for Networking for Filmmakers. In part, it is based off a list for London filmmakers (my people!!!) from Raindance.org.

I don’t usually post entire articles, but this is worth it. If you are a filmmaker in the Sacramento area, and you aren’t a CFAA member, go to CFAA meetings, or don’t receive the weekly newsletter, you should be (contact them and ask to be added to the list.  Tell them Dumbworld sent you).  Whatever meager amount of success Dumbworld has had is in part due to Laurie Pederson and networking with the CFAA, and like Laurie says, “It is not what you know; it is who you know.”

1. Memento
Remember the power of little notes that Leonard Shelby used in Chris Nolan’s film. Use his tips even if you have not “this condition” – use the power of business cards. Take and collect them from anyone who gives them to you: you might not know when you need a help of make-up artist or a professional florist. Make your own business cards especially for your filmmaking “you”. If you are a student you can use some cheap resources – like free business cards templates or www.vistaprint.co.uk

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“Crowdfunding” to Finance Your Independent Film Project

I’ve heard of IndieGoGo and Kickstarter as crowdfunding sources, but here is a success story.  Gregory Bayne raised $27,210, from 410 contributors, in 20 days for his new documentary on UFC fighter, Jens Pulver | Driven.  Check out his blog New Breed, and his guiding principles on crowdfunding. via the workbook project

5 Tips from Wired Magazine on Alternatives to Theatrical Distribution for Independent Filmmakers

Tip #1:

The fastest-growing markets for digital video? Brazil, Russia, India, and China — the so-called BRIC bloc — where nearly a billion people will be using PCs by 2015. Indie-film expert Reed Martin suggests dubbing your flick in Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, and Mandarin.

via 2-pop

Get Your Movie Distributed on iTunes


Have your full length film, documentary and/or live concert distributed to iTunes for no back-end distribution fee.

Looks like Tunecore has a lot of other useful services too.

thanks Sevin

“Finding the Living Room” is Integral to Online Video Series Succes

While watching shows online is convenient, and the user experience is constantly improving, you lose the ability to watch shows in a group or to comfortably show an episode to friends when the programming is confined to a computer screen. 

 Peter Wylie from Fierce Online Video notes a small but promising step in online video series making there way to your television screen.


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