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“Crowdfunding” to Finance Your Independent Film Project

I’ve heard of IndieGoGo and Kickstarter as crowdfunding sources, but here is a success story.  Gregory Bayne raised $27,210, from 410 contributors, in 20 days for his new documentary on UFC fighter, Jens Pulver | Driven.  Check out his blog New Breed, and his guiding principles on crowdfunding. via the workbook project


2 Responses

  1. Interesting idea but I’d like to see the distribution model that goes with a $27,000 film.Perhaps a kiosk set up outside/inside an arena might work or even a partner agreement with the various bodies running the events? Still…not sure running a bake-sale or car wash to get something made sets you up for the next “genuine” film you want to make once you get the first “lets just make the damn thing” starter out of your system.

  2. Not sure if I am qualified to speak on what makes a film “genuine,” and I agree that before you make something you should have a plan for what you are going to do with it (otherwise it is a nice home movie), but my take away from it is that people are willing to support the making of things that interest them.

    Kind of like this documentary on New Orleans after Katrina, called Land of Opportunity, that seems to be well on its way to getting funded .

    And on second thought, I would say yes, they are genuine films, or at least as genuine as the film that a filmmaker spends countless years trying to shop around but never gets made (instead of just making something using what they have), or gets it made, gets traditional distribution (which is becoming less and less likely) and nobody sees it anyways.

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