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Footage from Rodriguez’s Predator Sequel Predators Revealed at SXSW

From Wired:

As in the original film, every Predator is a trophy hunter and an expert in stalking and killing its prey, but each monster has its own specialized skill. There’s a falconer Predator who has a little UAV that serves as its eyes in the sky, a dog handler Predator (we got to see production art of its dog, sort of a dinosaur-wolf hybrid) and a “Super Predator” the production team refers to as “Mr. Black.”

Rodriguez is a writer and producer on the project.  A trailer was up but has been removed by 20th Century Fox. The movie comes out in July.


2 Responses

  1. That actually sounds a little lame and pedestrian for Rodriquez. Cobbled together bits from other films and even a couple of PC games.

    • You know Chris, actually I am looking forward to it, or I will at least give him the benefit of the doubt, until he proves me wrong. I am a fan of the short story, The Most Dangerous Game, from back in school, and the decision to go with more live action, instead of computer generated predators sounds cool to me. I’m not familiar with the video games and haven’t seen the AVP movies, but I am excited to see the new predators. But, I guess we will see. I hope he proves you wrong 🙂

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