Dumbworld Says, Get Some for Free- Be a Baller on a Budget. Celebrate Sacramento Museum Day (Unless you aren’t in sacramento. If not, then celebrate your own museum day)

Dumbworld recently took the show on the road to Chicago.  One thing that we brought back with us was an appreciation for a good museum (the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry were a nerd’s paradise).  Museums are where they hide a lot of the cool stuff.

Sacramento has some pretty good museums of its own.  The Crocker Museum is always interesting, and it is always free on Sundays, from 10am-1pm.  The Crocker is a good place to take a date, especially if she is a nerd, as it makes you seem cultured and is easy on the wallet (in these tough economic times). Or if you are really trying to make a good impression (and spend little or no money), take said date out on February 6th for Sacramento Museum Day.  You get free admission to a slew of museums, which I am told are guaranteed to get the juices flowing. If you can somehow pull a “hey, let’s celebrate Valentines Day a week early this year”- now you’ve killed two birds with one stone.


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