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The Insertion of Handsome Dave “The Convo”


So i see you have returned for another “round” of insertion. Are you ready for true “mental” penetration?
This Session of another life lesson will be about “The Conversation”

Now the first thing to remember is women love to talk about themselves. So a good rule of thumb is to ask questions that will allow them to go in to detail about themselves. This will allow you to gain more info. Call it reconisence. While she is answering make sure and look her straight in the eye, as to show you care about the answer to the question you asked. Then ask as question that has to do with her answer. If you can get through your drinks being delivered to your table, your are on your way.

Another great way to start a conversation is to talk about something that came up in the phone conversation or where you guys met. Trying and think of some questions that you think no one else would ask. What many men forget is that women are picturing, in their minds, whatever you describe, and feeling whatever feelings go along with those pictures. That’s why i say, men to direct conversations towards discussions of feeling connected, and loved, and aroused. But some men still persist in talking to women about depressing things: cats dying, rape, starving children, leukemia…And all the while the women they are talking to are making those pictures, feeling those feelings, and getting more and more upset. Not very seductive. I suggest that men think of talking to women as an activity with a goal: you are not trying to just chat, like you would with another guy.

You’ve got to monitor yourself a little, and make sure you stay on upbeat topics, or you will be in trouble. The key thing is to keep the conversation going. If no one is talking then you arent learning anything. The be a succesfful dater then you need to be good listener. As it will lead you to pay attention to the womans tell signs. You want to know what is working for you with this perticutlar woman, so you can use that. We all know what RYU throws the best fireball and KEN is better at the UPPERCUT. Know what your sonic bombs are.

There are two kinds of mistakes men make : Not “pushing hard enough” with women, or “pushing too hard.” Men who don’t push hard enough are “introverted communicators.” Men who push too hard are “extroverted communicators.” Both need different things.

The primary challenge for the introverted communicator is learning to express himself. He needs to intensify and escalate his signals by 500 percent. He needs to focus on talking more loudly, making more eye contact, overcoming his shyness, being curious, asking questions, showing romantic interest and examining the risks involved. In short, he doesn’t need to worry about toning himself down; he needs to worry about turning himself up.

The extroverted communicator tends to be enthusiastic, silly and fun. These are often men who are in sales, teaching or other fields that involve lots of interactions with people. Extroverted communicators adore being the center of attention. They aren’t necessarily scared to talk to women, but they often don’t know what to say. They often think that the way to seduce a woman is to turn up the volume of their personality. This is what the introverted communicator needs to do–but for the extroverted communicator, it’s a real mistake. If you’re an extroverted communicator, try listening more, talking more softy and chilling out. Don’t try so hard. In short, the extroverted communicator doesn’t need to worry about turning himself up; he needs to worry about toning himself down.

What ever it is you talk about be excited. If you show that you are excited it shows you have passion. Which is what women really want. “Passion”

Well until we meet again..

Im Handsome Dave



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