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Natasha Kmeto Drunk Dial Music Video Playing at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival- Shot and Edited by Dumbworld

Natasha Kmeto Still from Drunk Dial Music Video

Natasha Kmeto Still from Drunk Dial Music Video

A music video I worked on with Natasha Kmeto, Ryan Seng, and GuerillaPromo! is playing at the Sacramento Music and Film Festival, 8pm at the Crest Theatre
1013 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Below are some comments on the music video shoot from the artist herself, Natasha Kmeto:

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my promoter, MLPicerno (GUERRILLPROMO!), brought the idea to work with Dumbworld Productions and
Ryan Seng on a music video to me.  Participating in the production of this video was a blast!  I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with on my first music video.  Remembering the shoot, I thought I’d share some fun facts about the video with you:
 – “Drunk Dial” was shot over the course of two days in an empty business space in downtown Sacramento.
– The set was designed and constructed completely by Ryan Seng. Most everything was made of cardboard and
hand-painted by him including the cell phone, TV, computer and plastic ice cubes (freaking awesome). 

 – Drew Hall and Jayson Woodward of Dumbworld create really great shots and lighting with virtually no crew (they are indie bad-asses!).
– Our producer, MLPicerno, was my wardrobe and make-up goddess, my acting coach and our “raindrop” wrangler (our raindrops were shiny paper scraps) amongst many other things.
– I had to be talked into wearing those really short shorts and see-through top.
– The table Jamaal Robinson and I are on top of was not really big enough to support us both, but we spent hours on it anyway! Straddling someone who you just met wearing not much clothing is surprisingly less awkward than you think after a while (Jamaal made it easy on me).
– Yes, the scotch was actually scotch, but not J&B….it was Johnny Walker Red. 
– Blak Rik Rubin (Dumbworld) did an awesome job with the editing…it needs to be said.
All in all, this experience was really, really gratifying and fun for us all and I think we came up with a great result!


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