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The Insertion of Handsome Dave: First Date

So i see you have returned for another “round” of insertion. Are you ready for true “mental” penetration?

Today’s session will be a quick reference guide for dating..places to go..things to do and say that may lead you to your dates metaphoric and literal door step..These are suggestions, they are in no way a fool proof plan, for the mind of a woman is a complex web of tricky go betweens, swicharoos and back alley sneakiness

Now from my experience i found that if you are taking a woman out to eat dinner or lunch for the first time. You want to make sure that you go to a place that has food that will not drip too easy or make your breath smell like a bag of funoins and saurkraut. If you are planning to spend the whole evening with her (which is the point right) then any food with beans or broccoli is a bad idea due to the fact they both cause gas. (No girl wants to smell your anal sepage and you dont want to be in your hole 13 putt at miniature golf course and leave a cloud of smoke.

Eating food that is high in protein is a good idea to keep a high level of energy and do not, I repeat do not over eat. It makes you look like a pig and its hard to move if you are stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. Make sure that you eat some kind of bread with dinner as well. It will absorb the alcohol that you will later want  to consume with your date. You want to keep your wits about you and not be a sloppy drunk.

Now is know it sounds a little old fashioned but when you pick her up open her car door for her when you are walking to your car. If your are parked on the street your door is on the other side anyway.

You want to make sure that you have your evening planned ahead of time. Women like men that have a plan of actiion you dont want to be sitting asking “So.. what do you want to do or like to do?” Its a waist of the valuable time that you have to complete your mission. A simple phone conversation prior will give you the oppurtunity to find out what she likes to do. And plan accordingly. Try to involve two aspects to the night. Do not go to the movies. You’re suppose to be quiet at the movies not a good idea if you are trying to get to know the girl.Due to the lack of talking ,the movies are a great third and fourth date idea if you have already been “invited in” ;).

First date suggestions include:

   Dinner and Dancing (but beware if you are not a good dancer it may take you out of the running for what i refer to as the “Come on in”. As well as dancing requires movement which will lead to a not so fresh feeling, for you and her. Although if you are an experienced man then it will be an oppurtunity for you to try and take a shower with her when and if you get the “Come on in”. But dancing with give you an oppurtunity to see how close you can get to her and where she is willing to let you put your hands. Make sure that its not a busy night club. Go to a smaller bar that has a dance floor. But you do want some people to be dancing so your date is comfortable.

Ice cream and miniture golf. Now if your date is no fun at all, this wont work..The ice cream part only requires a little of your time and make sure no cone for you. Ice cream melts and you dont want it on your shirt or shoes. Miniture golf provides you with the chance to get close if she has never been before. Usually miniture golf places have other things to do as well such as; air hockey, video games and chances to win your date a souviner. Souveniers are great on a date because a woman will usually put it on her dresser or desk when she gets home and if things went well it will be a visual reminder of you and your good qualities. But it can also be the opposite if the date ends poorly.

Now compliments are good. but you dont want to complement her on something that she has no control over. Like her eyes ..yes she may have beautiful eyes but they are god  givin. Now here are some ideas for compliments; Shoes, she picked them out so its a good way to go, her hair is another good one, many woman spend a while looking for that right hair do and love to hear that they picked the right hairstyle.

Now these are just the first round of suggestions. i will return next week with round two but i am goin to leave you with this last tip for this week

The main thing is you want to keep it fun. No one likes to be bored especially woman. Why do you think they like that “Bad Boys”? Its because they dont know whats goin to happen next when they are with him. Spontinaity is the key

Thank you for opening up and letting me in

Handsome Dave

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