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Guerrilla Marketing and a List From 60 Second Marketer: 51 Low Cost or No Cost Ways to Promote Your Business (or Film, Book, Art, Etc.) During a Recession

Dumbworld just picked up “Guerrilla Marketing Online Weapons” ( Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin) from the library (part of Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing serious).  Admitedly, it is old (no, ancient– 1996), so a lot has changed with the internet since it was first published (social networking, blogs, etc), but it is a very easy read, the concepts are useful (at least to me) , and it doesn’t take much imagination to apply them to the present online environment. 

On a related tip (and more current), the 60 Second Marketer has a free blog list of 51 Low Cost or No Cost Ways to Promote Your Business During a Recession

Hate to be a spoiler, but my favorite is #51:

“51. Take 500 $1 bills with a yellow stickie on them. Write your URL on the yellow stickie with a mention that the first person to contact you off of your website gets another $500. Go into an office building, a mall or a hotel with an atrium. Throw the 500 $1 bills with your URL on them off the balcony. Video tape it and upload the video to YouTube. Promote the YouTube video on your website. Watch the buzz start flowing almost immediately. “

Any other suggestions for good sources on Marketing and Promotions?


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