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12 Steps for Better Video Editing and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I went and watched Benjamin Button this week and really liked it.  I have to admit, your boy even got a little misty eyed.  I’m a big David Fincher fan (Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac), and although it started out a little slow, he did not let me down.

Wired magazine has a pretty good breakdown on what went into transforming Brad Pitt into Benjamin Button.

the director had to find a way for Button (Brad Pitt) to “reverse-age” convincingly. CG was the answer: Make a 3-D model of Pitt’s visage, fast-forward it five decades, and stick it on the torso of a diminutive actor. Problem is, current-gen performance-capture techniques — sticking a bunch of dots onto the actor’s face, recording their movement, then applying the data to a 3-D model — miss subtle nuances; the resulting virtual visages often look stiff and creepy (see: The Polar Express).

Enter Steve Perlman from special effects company Reardon.  See the Wired slide show here.

Also, Oliver Peters has a pretty good blog on the editing workflow for Benjamin Button.  Also, don’t miss Oliver’s 12 tips for better film editing.

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