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Al-Qaida Calls Obama a “House Negro”

What!!! Now they’ve gone and done it.  It is so on!


One Response

  1. Dear fellow Americans take heed and don’t stop doing what you are put on this earth to do, serious. I will tell you why.

    Every righteous Asian religion that does not face East on a daily basis and chooses to face West, West as the direction the sun sets across the Atlantic, is defiled.

    That righteous religious group does NOT and WILL NOT be recognised by their Law and faith as a people. NEVER EVER!!!

    Look after yourselves and use your Law to defend your people. They who face the WEST will NEVER let a boy grow up in peace on this given earth. They will never let the young people live.

    Everyday they torture their soul with corruption and that Image of MAN that they have been given and running around in ,does not come cheap! But to you who are not religious it does not matter, you are here to live in peace and together with the WHOLE WORLD.

    Leave them to their own Protector of their HOLY LAW He never misses and LOVES HIS PEOPLE too also HIS neighbours.

    As a neigbour just somehow know that Law will take care of them through the delivery of JUSTICE .

    Don’t fall for the desperation of an Asian denying HIS Worship of the EAST but chooses to Worship the BLACK sunset WEST. Its like a Western Religion believing in sacrificing children to their GOD.

    They say its RIGHTIOUS… I say its BULLSHIT!!!

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