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Public Relations Tips for Sarah Palin and You

I am soooooooooo happy the elections are over.  Saying that, regardless of your opinion about the election, we can all agree that we can learn a lot from watching others in action.  The 60 Second Marketer has tips for you (and Sarah) on public relations, including:

Learn to Block and Bridge: The first thing most PR people teach their clients is how to block and bridge. When you get a question that you a) don’t want to answer or b) can’t answer, you block and bridge. The most common version of this is to say, “That’s a great question and one that we’re working on solving right now (the block), but we believe that most American’s are more concerned with the economy which is something we’re concerned about, too (the bridge).”

Read the rest here

I can’t remember where I heard it before, but somebody (smarter than me) said, you are not supposed to answer the question they ask you but the question you wanted them to ask you.


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