Sacramento News and Review: Best of Sacramento 2008

SNR’s annual “Best of Sacramento” edition is out in print today.  I can’t see Andy Nguyen’s as Readers’ Choice Winner for best vegetarian restaurant without thinking that I liked it better when it used to cater to meat eaters like me (am I alone?)– what I would do right now for a rice noodle salad bowl with satay chicken.  Congratulations to Andy Nguyen’s just the same.

Of course the first category I looked at was the readers’ choice award for best Filmmaker.  Here were the results:

  1. Jourdan McClure
  2. Ryan Todd
  3. Mike Carroll and Sarah Kreutz (tie)

Ryan and Mike are both fantastic filmmakers, but I wasn’t as familiar with Jourdan or Sarah (although I knew Jourdan won an award for the Sac Music Seen portion of the Sac Film and Music Festival this year). 

Thank you Internet.

An interview with Jourdan for Fringe magazine and one with Sarah at Indie Fest USA where she was publicizing her movie Elsa Letterseed.  Congrats to all the winners.

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