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Listen to ML– Don’t Be a Loser.

Who’s ML– it doesn’t matter– well, let me rephrase that– it does matter, but that doesn’t change anything– She is right–

Basically, you are a loser if you don’t make it to the Crocker Museum by November 2nd to see the AMERICAN POP exhibit featuring Andy Warhol’s Athletes.

Standing in front of Muhammad Ali’s portrait is pretty powerful:

Other portraits by Warhol featured:
Dorothy Hammil
Tom Seaver
OJ Simpson (eerily prescient imagry!)
Chris Evert
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Jack Nicklaus
Bill Shoemaker
and more…

From Crocker Art Museum press release:
American Pop, featuring Andy Warhol’s Athletes, is organized around the special display of Andy Warhol’s Athletes Series. The 10 paintings capture the ‘70s athletic superstars with the late-20th-century’s ultimate expression of fame—a Warhol silk-screened portrait. The story behind how Warhol came to photograph and “paint” Dorothy Hamill, Muhammad Ali, Pele and Jack Nicklaus reveals the ongoing importance of friendships between patrons and artists in contemporary art.

Go here for more info.  Thanks ML!


One Response

  1. If you’re looking for brilliant sports graphics, with excellent service too, Absolon Moreau’s one of the best. I ordered one of his pictures for a Christmas present for my parents (big Colts fans they are), and just ordered 2 more from him. Highly commended.

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