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The Pawnbroker (1964)-

Just watched the pawnbroker.  Brock Peters, who plays the businessman (OK. . . I mean gangster) Rodriguez,  also sang back-up on the Harry Belafonte hit- “Day-O.”  He punches an old man in the face– which is something you don’t usually see in movies these days.  Also, Quincy Jones did the music, and one of the songs is Soul Bossa Nova (which is now popular from Austin Powers– you’d recognize it, if you heard it). 

Kind of a slow movie (if you are in that mood)– but I liked it. 

More recent movies that some of the elements reminded me of: Requiem for a Dream and Do the Right Thing.

Cool Shot: 3 hoods enter the pawnshop with an old electric lawn mover. the camera, at the level of the lawnmower dollys back, as the lawnmower, pushed by the hoods, rolls toward the store owner, Sol.

This guy does a better job of reviewing it.

Drew from Dumbworld


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