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one minute how to- (“how to” audio podcasts)

i listened to item # 101– how to advertise your business on a limited budget and i liked it. 

this and hundreds of other “one minute how to’s”  –audio podcasts where people like you and I explain how to do something. 

i need to listen to how to fall asleep faster too.

postscript:  George, our host, also has another podcast called “eclectic mix“- where i listened to episode #176 with the “special afro-jazz” music of Franck “with a c” Colman and Black Yovo.


2 Responses

  1. Hello there!

    Thanks for your response, I didn’t realise that if I put a link to your post in mine, it would show up here. But that’s cool. All good publicity and all. Lol.

    Yep, I gave you the all clear. Although reading it back it did sound as if I was being sarcastic perhaps. But if you read every week, I’m sure you’ll get used to my style :P.

    Thanks again,

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