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Dumbworld Video and Film Productions to world premiere the short film, King of Funk as part of the 10X10 Challenge program of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival

Sacramento, California, USA – At the beautiful and historic Crest Theatre, August 16th at 7:30pmDumbworld is proud to present the short film King of Funk.


King of Funk is a dark comedy starring Hollywood-bound Joey Sab, as the music superstar Chucky Funk (formerly Charles David Smith).  The year is 1973, and Charles finds a magical ring of funk that promises the owner fame and fortune, but for the owner of the ring—beware—you dig?


The film was created (from script to screen) in 10 days as part of the 10X10 Challenge of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival and was shot mostly in Folsom, California.  The 10X10 challenge gives filmmakers a theme (this year it was “rings”), a prop (Dumbworld’s prop was a retro red suitcase) and 10 days to make a film.


The film also stars Folsom native Emily Jones as Scarlett and was produced in conjunction with another Folsom native, Laura Chick of Chick Flick Productions.


For more information on 10X10 Challenge and the Sacramento Film and Music Festival go to www.sacfilm.com


About the Filmmakers


Chick Flick Productions is a Folsom based production company ran by Laura Chick.  Her short film, Benediction is to premiere at the 7Cs Moving Picture Film Festival in Granite Bay, California in November.


Dumbworld is a start-up Sacramento based video and film production company.  Dumbworld is home to a tight knit group of young urban producers, directors, writers and editors aggressively promoting a new era in entertainment, media, and art– a Dumbworld Order. 



Visit the official Dumbworld blog at: https://dumbworldorder.wordpress.com


3 Responses

  1. Hi! thanks.

    My Blog: http://visitenjoy.blogspot.com

  2. Hey guy,

    Good job with King of Funk. I’m especially impressed with your promotion and marketing energy.

    I’m the white woman who is producing Stakin’ Claim with Russell Nichols (25 y.o. African American journalist, writer, director) through Place Called Sacramento premering at Crest on October 5th.


  3. yeah– of course i remember you judy 🙂

    glad you liked it! I will be there for PCS


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