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Bass Rocs Premiere Press Release

I know I have posted ad nauseum on this one, but I just sent out my first press release, and I was so excited about the fact that I had a need for a press release– I’ve decided to post it here


Monday, August 4,  2008

Dumbworld Video and Film Productions to world premiere the music video for the single, Bass Rocs by Mr Volcano, Featuring The Rocket Scientist at the Sac Music Seen program of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival

Sacramento, California, USA –  On Second Saturday, in downtown Sacramento- at the historic Crest Theatre- August 9th at 7:30pm—Dumbworld is proud to present the music video for the single, Bass Rocs, by Mr. Volcano featuring the Rocket Scientist. 


The musical artist, Mr. Volcano can only be described as a masked emcee with an ill mean streak who is bent on world domination, and only Dumbworld could create a video to match.  The video would have to be described as Nacho Libre meets Frankenstein meets Rocky.


The festival marks the world premiere of the video, along with the showing of over 20 other videos by Sacramento filmmakers teamed up with Sacramento musicians, in the Sac Music Seen program of The Sacramento Film and Music Festival.   Be early because you won’t want to miss the fireworks (Will there really be fireworks, you ask?  Trust me, we have seriously thought about looking into filing the necessary permits with the powers that be).


For more information on Sac Music Seen and the Sacramento Film and Music Festival go to www.sacfilm.com


About the Filmmakers

Dumbworld is a start-up Sacramento based video and film production company.  Dumbworld is home to a tight knit group of young urban producers, directors, writers and editors aggressively promoting a new era in entertainment, media, and art– a Dumbworld Order. 

Visit the official Dumbworld blog at: https://dumbworldorder.wordpress.com




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